“The Lost City of Z”: Movie Musings

My first reaction of “The Lost City of Z” wasn’t very favourable but since I watched it the film has been on my mind. Hear me why.


I didn’t remember the plot but was so fascinated with the atmosphere, some sounds or visuals would just jump back into my mind, so I wanted to rewatch it.

After rewatching I still don’t remember the plot. Something did happen. But does it matter? We are still all Lost.


Sometimes I think I am on a boat, with the rest of the crew, floating towards City of Z, and everything that’s happening right now in my life is just an imagination of a bored mind.


It’s all here, my life is all real, but when I close my eyes I can hear and smell the Amazon river. I am truly lost in that film and quite ok with it.


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Victoria Naumova