London Film Festival 2019 Part 4 – The Final Weekend

So many films, and too little time – here’s KinoSelect’s short-shortlist of films to see this weekend, with more to come as Press previews continue.

“A Hidden Life”
‘It is better to suffer injustice than to commit it’, thinks the long-unsung hero of Terrence Malick’s extraordinarily pure and lucid film. Based on the life of WW2 conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter, who was executed in 1943, and whose story only started to slowly emerge in the late 1960s, Malick’s film is a rare feat: it fuses emotion and the senses in a powerful way, yet leaves space for reason.  Malick’s world-building here is all encompassing, a powerful sensory experience that is exhilarating and searing, and also morally profound.  What is left, is love.
Dir Terrence Malick
Saturday 12th October, 17.10, BFI South Bank NFT1
Sunday 13th October, 19.00, BFI South Bank NFT1

“Martin Eden”
Imagine Jack London in 1930s Naples, or rather his alter ego, Martin Eden. Transposed from San Francisco, London’s semi-autobiographical story of a tough sailor and autodidact turned successful writer is adapted here by Pietro Marcello, whose background as a documentary filmmaker adds something unexpected and wonderful to a story which might otherwise have turned into a powerful but classical period drama.  Archive film spanning decades is seamlessly interlaced with fictional scenes, adding both vivid reality and oneiric qualities to the tale of a man who, though larger than life, finds himself overwhelmed by it.
Dir Pietro Marcello
Saturday 12th October, 17.50, BFI South Bank NFT2

One of our Cannes Film Festival favourites is still playing. Do Catch “Give Me Liberty” this Sunday at BFI South Bank.

“Give Me Liberty”
Vic is about to have one of those days. Part carer, part driver for the disabled and elderly, his good nature risks turning a challenging journey into an impossible one.  As a wintry day in Milwaukee turns to evening, the riotous escapade of a man, a van and an assortment of demanding passengers slides into, well, an actual riot. A gorgeously raw, sweet and funny film, “Give Me Liberty” shows the inevitable collision between an American dream and its reality.
Dir: Kirill Mikhanovsky
Sunday 13th October, BFI South Bank NFT3

Venues, dates and times are indicative and subject to last minute change. Please countercheck the BFI website for accurate scheduling information and ticket availability. The BFI’s Leicester Square ticket office is open every day 10.00 – 20.30, throughout the Festival.


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