A List of Inspiring Films: Impressions

I have been talking to lots of people these days, even more than usual: checking up via WhatsApp on my relatives, you know – the ones you usually talk to at Christmas.

To friends who live all around the world, some stuck in holiday places unable to leave, some in small flats with no gardens, some, stuck alone, away from home.

Naturally, one of the topics of our conversations is films. Because no matter what the conversation is, I will probably direct it to Films (or Star Trek but very few people are ok with this kind of re-direction).

Turns out people watch all sorts of films these days.

Some people watch apocalyptic films: they are experiencing the world and pandemic in full: they want to get prepared, learn more about all types of crises and especially those related to epidemics. No wonder “Contagion” is so popular these days.

Some are watching horrors or thrillers: to feel alive and to see the world where the situation is even worse than ours right now. I get it, the last film in the cinema I watched was “The Invisible Man” (which is brilliant, by the way), and for days I thought our situation right now is nothing compared to what Cecilia had to go through.

Some people told me they watch War movies: after the horrors of war, Pandemic 2020 does not seem as terrible. One person finally watched Chernobyl. I don’t think I could re-watch it. Ever again. It left me devastated and broken. But some people need this right now. And it’s ok.

Some watch “Friends”. Exclusively. Because they have no time and no energy to watch anything new, and for lots of us, myself included, “Friends” is like a safety blanket: something that has become your “own”, you’ve seen so many times: it gives you that security of knowing what’s to come, it’s cheerful and brings no surprises. And it’s ok too.

Some people, like me, realised they need to stick to comedies and inspiring films. Just because we need some faith in the world right now. I am not talking about sugar-coating vanilla-spiced romantic comedies (although nothing is wrong with those either, I am for one a fan of “Lake House”). I am talking about films about people (or animals, aliens) who found strength and love within themselves to live.

Here are some inspiring films and you can find them on my Amazon page here. Please bear in mind, this article contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, there will be no cost difference to you.

Three films after watching which I feel motivated to live, create and believe in magic (and myself): “Amelie”, “Big Fish”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (this one I’ve already watched two times during the self-isolation and every time I feel so inspired, I want to write).

Something you can watch with kids: “E.T. Extra-Terrestrial”, “Big”.

Girl-power: “Erin Brockovich”, “Julie & Julia”, “I Feel Pretty”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “The Laundromat”.

Classic ones: “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Chariots of Fire”.

In case if you miss snow: “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Miracle on the 34th Street”.

War-times: “Hacksaw Ridge”,” Life is Beautiful” (“La Vita e Bella”), “Braveheart”, “Saving Private Ryan”.

Amazing people: “Peanut Butter Falcon”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Slumdog Millionaire”, “The Martian”, “Untouchable” (“1+1”).

Last but not least, films with Tom Hanks: “Big”, “Forrest Gump”, “Sully”, “Cast Away”, “Saving Private Ryan”.

Victoria Naumova