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“Arrival”: Movie Musings

Science Fiction films have always provided a great platform for shaping strong female leads. Perhaps, for some, it was easier to imagine the existence of independent strong women in the imaginative worlds far far away.

world cinema

The Golden Unicorn Awards 2019

Russian Film Week finished with the ceremony of The Golden Unicorn Awards. The main award for The Best Film went to Sergey Livnev for “Van Goghs”, the film was amongst KinoSelect's recommendations at Russian Film Week.

world cinema

Highlights from Russian Film Week 2019

Great news for the lovers of World Cinema, Russian Film Week is taking place this week (24 Nov - 01 Dec 2019) showing both Russian and co-produced feature films, shorts, documentary and animated films.


“Memento”: Movie Musings

It was the last day of summer. Naturally, I went to my local DVD rental place (remember those?) and picked something by its cover - it looked like it was hot and sunny: just my desperate attempt to prolong summer.