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The Lost City of Z


Ad Astra

The Bravest of Them All (Arrival)

The Lost City of Z

My first reaction of The Lost City of Z wasn’t very favorable but since I watched it the film has been on my mind. Hear me why.

I didn’t remember the plot but was so fascinated with the atmosphere, some sounds or visuals would just jump back into my mind, so I wanted to rewatch it.


After rewatching I still don’t remember the plot. Something did happen. But does it matter? We are still all Lost.

Sometimes I think I am on a boat, with the rest of the crew, floating towards the City of Z, and everything that’s happening right now in my life is just an imagination of a bored mind.


It’s all here, my life is all real, but when I close my eyes I can hear and smell the Amazon river. I am truly lost in that film and quite ok with it.


It was the last day of summer.

Naturally, I went to my local DVD rental place (remember those?) and picked something by its cover – it looked like it was hot and sunny: just my desperate attempt to prolong summer.



I was watching it with my mom. 5 Minutes into the film I said out loud ‘Hh my God, it is fantastic’. As a reply I only heard a snore: my mom fell asleep on the sofa. It was a hot August afternoon. I don’t blame her.

So I watched it. Alone.


10 minutes into the film I was in love with it: it was like finally finding someone who understands you which is precious for a teenager who thinks she’s totally alone in this world.

Memento spoke to me like no other film: in a tricky yet incredibly logical non-linear narrative.

Remember Memento
In Memento time and memories found a way to express themselves in a weird way in which mind perceives them.
My brain was singing with joy. It was pure music.

For the first time, I found some structure in my memory & time relation.


Whenever I feel disappointed in life, when days are grey and monotonous, I remember that life is full of miracles – like the miracle I was part of on that hot August afternoon when I watched Memento.

Ad Astra

The best film about love?

Ad Astra

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