Drama, Netflix

“Roma”: Film Review

An aesthetically stunning cinematic feat, Roma gives a vivid account of a Mexico City childhood set against a backdrop of surging political repression.


“Jawbone”: Film Review

South London, City lights in the distance. The crepuscular gloom envelops a man felled by loss, drink and impending homelessness.  He has nowhere to go, and no loved ones.  Yet “Jawbone” is a quietly exhilarating film.

movie musings

“Arrival”: Movie Musings

Science Fiction films have always provided a great platform for shaping strong female leads. Perhaps, for some, it was easier to imagine the existence of independent strong women in the imaginative worlds far far away.

Drama, DVD, world cinema

“In Between” (“Bar Bahar”): Film Review

There is a particular glamour to party nights in cities like Beirut or Tel Aviv – the proximity of the sea, the dark starry nights, suntanned boys and girls dancing the night away at impromptu gatherings, smoking on balconies and rooftop terraces, sometimes encountering that unexpected spark of attraction.

Berlinale 2019, Drama, DVD

“Mr. Jones”: Film Review

On the last day of 1930, a young man wrote a prescient article for the Cardiff Western Mail: “Liberty, for which fighters in Britain have struggled for centuries, is now considered pre-Victorian humbug throughout the world”.