Russian Film Week 2020 – Part 1

Russian Film Week is back and in fine form. Opening with “The Whaler Boy”,  Philipp Yuryev’s Venice Days winner, the programme also features shorts, masterclasses and talks, including a conversation with Andrey Zviagintsev.

In “The Whaler Boy”, a better life feels tantalisingly close yet so far away. Lyoshka (Vladimir Onokhov), leads a subsistence existence in Chukotka, on a strip of land so close to Alaska that a short boat ride to America would, he thinks, transform his life. His sights are set however not on Alaska itself, but on a young woman (Kristina Asmus) he believes lives in Detroit. A quiet comedy of misunderstandings and misapprehensions ensues. “The Whaler Boy” is beautiful, and more cruel than its gentle appearance lets on.

Russian Film Week’s programme continues until 13th December, and will close with a co-watch of Elena Hazanova’s “One Breath”.

Films we’re looking out for:

“Tsoy” – free cowatch screening and Q&A with director Alexey Uchitel on Wednesday 9th December. Register here.

And more: Sulphur, From Kurils with Love, Friends, It Doesn’t Matter, Seven Wishes, Talent, and Hotel Belgrade.

Most screenings during the week are free.  Full programme and links here!

There are also talks and masterclasses. See Andrey Zvygintsev in conversation with Mark Kermode anytime during Russian Film Week 2020 – tickets cost £3 and can be bought here.


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